Elsa Gebreyesus
Annandale, Virginia
Contact: elsabetg@yahoo.com

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Artist Statement

My paintings are personal explorations of colors and textures found in the natural environment. In this series of paintings I incorporate a variety of materials to build up the surface of the canvas. I also include text and symbols in my paintings as they convey some of the cultural and philosophical influences that have shaped my thoughts and beliefs. In a number of paintings, I use the letters of my native language, Tigriyna, as the basis for abstract compositions to explore visual interpretations of language and text.
Painting, to me, is similar to composing music and/or writing poetry; it creates harmony between our physical, spiritual and intellectual selves. While painting, I “lose” my self in the work, and my openness to the process of creativity is what guides me through to the completion of a painting. My constant aim is to integrate my mind, body and spirit in my work and produce art that visually communicates internal states, emotions and ideas to the viewer.

Artist Biography

An Eritrean-Canadian, Elsabet Gebreyesus grew up in Africa and completed her education in North America. The youngest of three children, Elsa is rooted in the culture and traditions of her heritage yet greatly influenced by her experiences in the West.
Although her love for painting started early in life, Elsa began pursuing her passion for art in the past six years. She has learnt and continues to learn from artists that she admires where she currently resides.
In addition to her love of the visual arts, Elsa is involved in community building projects, and is passionate about advocating for human rights such as gender equality and civil rights.
She has exhibited in several galleries in the DC metro area, and in February 2003, Elsa Gebreyesus juried in to Gallery West in Alexandria, Virginia. Elsa works out of her home studio where she lives with her husband and two young children.

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